Telegram AMA - Recap

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Mar 4, 2020 6:06:42 PM

AMA with OneLedger


Hello Ledgerians,
The OneLedger team held an AMA on March 3, 2020 on Telegram. The AMA was conducted by the OneLedger Founder, David Cao, and the Director of Product, Aly Kassam.
This AMA was attended by many people from our community. We do thank you all for your tremendous support. The major topic of discussion was the mainnet launch date and we are very confident of meeting it.
Our team will be launching the first phase of our Mainnet (Kainos) on April 30, 2020 with OneWallet 2.0 Beta going live on April 2, 2020.
Here is a brief recap of the AMA:
1. Can you confirm 100% that mainnet will be released on 30th April with no more delays?
Aly: With the Security Audit completed, we can ensure the April 30th date will be met.
2. Can we get a recorded demo of a PoC to confirm that there is a working product? It can just be fictional but to show it full cycle of a working product connected to a legacy system.
Aly: We have the 850 810 EDI specs for Supply Chain and have completed Software Development Architecture, but the development has been put on hold for the PoCs as the Development team is completely focused on Mainnet Delivery.
3. Are you sure 1 month will be enough time to fix any feedbacks or bugs for OneWallet based on your Beta and Public release dates?
Aly: We have posted a date for OneWallet Beta, Dev version and Public release on CoinmarketCal as well as in the pinned message. We are confident of meeting all these targets.
All dates can be found here: click here
4. Will this secret project be announced in March? Will it be ready to use same time Mainnet launches? If not, what timeframe?
Aly: The secret project will be announced within the next 2 months, surely before April 30, 2020. We have conducted the research and the development will begin promptly after the mainnet launch, as our team is fully focussed on mainnet at the moment.
5. Shouldn't OLT burn some of the team tokens as a penalty of these delays?
David: Refer to the token economic paper, we do have token burn plan.
6. How is it possible that you guys see very late in the process that things like a security audit can actually take very long?
David: Security is our top priority and we are always working towards making our protocol safer by the day. We have done internal testing before we even reached out to security auditors. Even though we reached them late, we completed this process with them much ahead than many of our competitors.
7. What is the plan to help ICO investors recover their initial investment. Team seems to have not been able to generate any hype around this project.
Aly: We are providing applications over the OneLedger Network that will help to increase demand for the token.
8. If we don't see mainnet launched on April 30, then trust will be lost forever. What measures team is taking to ensure, at all costs, that the launch happens on time?
Aly: All other projects have been put on hold to ensure the launch date. We are confident that we will meet this date.
9. Due to this delay, will the staking and the rest of the other features that were scheduled in q2, be delayed too? You have mentioned before that you will support 10 blockchains with mainnet? How many do you support now? When the rest will be implemented.
David: We are doing our best to meet all the deadlines. Development can be complete but we have to do a lot of testing from different perspectives such as Functional, Operational & Security Testing as these are the core values on which OneLedger stands. We will keep you updated. We are actively working on 2 blockchains right now. However, integrating other blockchains must be relatively simpler because of modularization we did at the code level.
10. Can you please elaborate on this "secret project" and why it will be a game changer for mass adoption? Please throw us a bone here, the community needs some real positive info. Morale is at an all time low
Aly: We're in talks with various charitable organizations, with regards to crypto donations, which would be phase one of the project, scaling into eCommerce.
11. So basically this means people can donate to any charity using any crypto currency and OneLedger will pay out fiat to the charity after conversion. And the same with ecommerce?
Aly: So we are planning a partnership for settling the crypto to fiat payments. OneLedger will facilitate the token payment for any token that is supported in our network and will work with a partner for settlement and payment to the charity/retailer.
12. Please explain more about the UTILITY of ONELEDGER, the real life use case and application.
Aly: The utility is the token usage in the network. We currently have Domains that can be bought and sold in our network, we are extending that to businesses to own and host their domains. Additionally, I just mentioned the payments project that we are actively working on.
13. Why would an exchange collaborate with you over other projects regarding these payments?
Aly: The project is for Charities and eCommerce Platforms. For the settlement piece, we have spoken to a few partners to do the settlement piece, and they are actively engaged in doing this with us. That being said, the reason any exchange would integrate with us is because this isn't a significant amount of work for them. It's just creating an API call, and it's more money for them.
14. Can you share your experience and journey with the OneLedger project? What is the biggest achievement you are most proud of?
David: Working on complicated and challenging projects and making an impact in the blockchain world, is what powers OneLedger everyday. The ride has been bumpy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The achievements in OneLedger have been updated to the community constantly such as TPS, Wallet, ledger support. I am proud of them.
With this, the team ended the AMA. Here are Aly's closing remarks:
Aly: Thanks a lot for participating in the AMA. There were some really great questions from the community that kept us on our toes. We really appreciate you all taking the time to participate in the AMA, we know that it's probably really late at night for some of you.