$MBA Airdrop with $OLT Tokens holders.

Posted by OneLedger on Apr 26, 2022 12:25:39 PM

The OneLedger and MoonbaSwap partnership on the MoonbaSwap Dex is offering holders of $OLT tokens an opportunity to get rewarded with the new $MBA tokens simply for offering OLT/USDT liquidity, the rewards will be given after the MBA token is generated.


MoonbaSwap is building the future of Decentralized Exchanges, it is built on the

OneLedger platform on which is well known for blockchain interoperability and allows for the swapping of multiple tokens without the use of an intermediary, while not compromising security, speed, or costs.

Find out more about this project here: https://www.moonba.co/


USD$40,000.00 in rewards available. 


Starting April 26, 2022,  USD $10,000.00 equivalent of MBA tokens will be rewarded every week for 4 weeks. The MoonbaSwap team will take a 'random' snapshot each week of the Liquidity Pool. Liquidity Providers will be rewarded, a percentage of the weekly total equal to their percentage holdings in the Liquidity Pool. 

Any OLT token holder  that has added Liquidity to the MoonbaSwap Dex is eligible to participate in the airdrop, as long as the corresponding address meets all of the following conditions:

  • Offer a minimum of $1000.00 OLT/USDT LP

  • Follow MoonbaSwap social media   


  • Rewards will be distributed based on the snapshot of the percentage users have in liquidity in the pool.

  • Tokens will be sent to the wallet address in the Liquidity Pool snapshot.