Secure OneLedger's network - Setup a Node to share 50000 OLT

Posted by OneLedger on Jun 11, 2024 8:53:41 AM

We're excited to announce a new incentivization campaign aimed at strengthening OneLedger's Layer 1 blockchain network!

To enhance decentralization and network security, we're offering an additional 50,000 OLT to individuals who join as node runners.

Why Run a Node?

Running a node is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the OneLedger blockchain. By participating, you'll not only support the network but also earn rewards for your contribution.


Incentive Details:

Additional Rewards: Node runners will receive an extra 50,000 OLT. Details will be provided.

Enhanced Security: More nodes mean a more secure and robust network, benefiting the entire OneLedger ecosystem.


How to Run a Node? Use our official documentation:



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