OneLedger and Group Olvia AMA session Recap

Posted by OneLedger on Dec 16, 2022 11:13:56 AM

We were excited to hold the AMA session with our partner Group Olvia in our telegram chat . Our host was George Connolly, CEO OneLedger Inc. Our guest was Panos Thymianides - Managing Director, Group Olvia.

The session was divided into 3 parts:

  • Team questions
  • Pre-recorded community questions
  • Live questions

Team questions

Q: I am George Connolly and I am happy to introduce today Panos Thymianides - ag Managing Director of Group Olvia. Panos - please introduce yourself to the Community

A: Hello - thank you George for the introduction. I am a strategy consultant and executive. I have been developing business models for different types of entities for both the public and private sectors. I have been actively co-developing Group Olvia since 2012


Q: Also introduce us to Group Olvia, location, functionality, scope, and vision.

A: Group Olvia is a global cooperative of professionals and experts in their fields. We focus on solving difficult, real economy problems. We are primarily active in RMM (Resources Mining Materials), Platform and Services using Industry 5.0 and Web3 tech, as well as alternative financial services to complement all our other activities


Q: This is impressive - I am sure there will be follow-up questions on this. What does a mining Company want to do with blockchain technology

A:  We have been digitalizing our supply chains since 2015 with various attempts due to the complexities of the mining industry. Blockchain is a key technology to the digitalization of any industry, but mining needs it the most as a competitive advantage of small mining companies against multi-national conglomerates


Q: What do you see as the problems being solved here?

A: With Kratos-X we are solving a major industrial problem found in the EU: the consolidation of the Security & Defense industry around conglomerates, excluding young researchers and entrepreneurs from accessing the market.

Polis-X on the other hand, assists small and remote communities to finance and grow their local economies, without the need of the central government - becoming resilient and self-sufficient.


Q: What makes this partnership unique to solving these problems?

A: What attracted us to Oneledger was its focus on Enterprise Blockchain and the early vision around interoperability and decentralization of critical applications. We were looking for a technical foundation that would allow us to grow using the existing tech. This partnership is unique in the sense that it is not governed by financialized economy actors (PEs, VCs). We are both looking to solve real problems and prove that to the market.

We have real economy transactions to execute on the other side of our Vaults - gold refining, and copper refining and we are in the process of securing defense and security contracts with Government guarantees, so we can offer an excellent APY, reinvest into Oneledger and at the same time expand our DApps and Ecosystems.


Q: What exactly is GO bringing to the table here?

A: We are bringing three unique solutions to the crypto space:

1. A safe and secure treasury vault secured with real value

2. Ready-to-execute transactions that can be onboarded to our DApp (up to $80M per month)

3. A zero-trust distributed treasury with full compliance


Q: This sounds great - but tell us in one sentence Why should the OLT or any investor take up the offer you are making?

A: We can offer an APY that does not come from speculation, we can secure the funds with a zero-trust structure anywhere and offer real-world opportunities for income increase


Q: What guarantees do you have in place to ensure this does not become an FTX?

A: We are offering a distributed treasury with a legal entity behind it and separate/ringfenced collateral for each vault. Even if we go bust, the legal entity will continue to produce and return the funds.


Questions from the community

Non-redacted version:


Q: Having looked at Group Olvia on Linkedin,  the team appears very small - how can you achieve this with such a small group?

A: We have been working and investing in our work since 2012 in various types of operations, but we do not advertise whenever it is not necessary. We are 25 people across different teams and ecosystems and we are growing.


Q:  Next one - when we can expect some transactions because of this partnership?

A: We are working to launch the Treasury Vault before the New Year. After that we will start onboarding transactions of up to $80M per month in increments until March-April 2023.


Q: When we can expect some profit because of this partnership? Basically, I'm asking when this partnership will be useful for OneLedger company and if we can see the real gains from it.

A:  The moment we start locking OLT into the Vault, income will start flowing into the Oneledger platform in many ways:

-more traffic

- reinvestment in new tech - AI, Sensors and Sensing systems, and other capabilities we will be adding through our DApp

- on top of the APY from the actual vault shares to OLT holders


Q:  Do you know when the whole design process will be completed? I know the team and roadmap part is updated but when whole concept design will be changed?

A: The first iteration of the Treasury Vault will be ready before the New Year. After that we will be developing our mmorpg with simulation and training for Security & Defense players and launching that by April. Actual supply chains will start running after the first iteration of the Treasury Vault. We already have the digital supply chain for gold and copper. MMORPG - online gaming for security and defense supported by AI and AR.


Q: Why did they choose the OneLedger? There are lots of other blockchains and I want to learn why they chose OneLedger to make a partnership. Another question is what is the expected revenue from this partnership for the next 1 year?

A: We chose Oneledger for many reasons - one of them was that it was underappreciated despite having a valid business model. In addition, we like synergies, partnerships, and working with people. This is what our Ecosystems are about.


Q:  I hope Olvia can successfully do all of these things and OneLedger ecosystem can create miracles Because this latest article is so promising.

A: We are not here to "sell". We have already developed the transactions to be executed so rest assured that we are in the process to speak with actions - not words.


Q:  Looking forward to seeing the roadmap from the Olvia team so I can learn when they will complete all of these targets Dates are important like targets.

A: We are going to offer a broad roadmap very soon at the very least regarding Kratos-X. Until the end of the year is the most probable date.


Live questions from the Community

Q: Thanks for this amazing AMA guys! I have a question. What is the relation between locking OLT and the platform which Olvia is creating? I mean the relation between locking OLT and providing apr to OLT holders because of their lock.

A: Thanks for the question - the answer is simple. We are connecting real production to the OLT.


Q: This is a huge amount. Do you think it can be real? Per month. What is the current profit or cash volume of Group Olvia with all other Olvia-related companies? Is Group Olvia a very huge company? I checked the website of Olvia but couldn't understand much about Olvia.

A: Commodity transactions are by definition large - we will have up to $50M in gold refining and the rest in copper trading.


Q: Is there any White Paper explaining what are the "transactions up to 80m"

A: There will be a presentation of the process.