OneLedger  Roadmap 4.0 (Q4 2022-Q2 2023)

Posted by OneLedger on Oct 21, 2022 10:36:31 AM

This OneLedger Roadmap incorporates input from product owners and key stakeholders, our future focus will be on the build-out of the ecosystem to support more effective dApp onboarding and deployment, expanding and deepening partnerships, seeking creative methods for passive income for investors, and divesting more project control to the community by way of a decentralized proposal module. Ongoing upgrades to the OLVM and new development in line with our prime directive. Our goal is and always will be to lead this industry in blockchain interoperability. 

This roadmap gives a six-month guideline in which stakeholders can anticipate updated features on the OneLedger Chain with the greatest degree of specificity available for the most immediate upgrades, and decreasing precision available the further out the timeline goes.



The upgrades aim to add features such as the ability to easily deploy tradeable, mintable, burnable, uncapped and no premined tokens; stable coin deployment; liquidity pool management;  economic security; increased usability, and increased stakeholder participation.  We will also continue to deploy more DeFi focused solutions

We will be executing mission critical upgrades and development that will be made to facilitate partner needs in addition to integration with other technology and capability teams; that include but are not limited to AI, DLTs, IoT & sensors, robotics amongs others. 


OLVM upgrades  (Expected Q4 2022)

  • OLVM runs on Goethereum v1.10.8, we have had the following upgrades:
  • Sharblu (v1.10.18) - May 2022
  • Camaron (v1.10.19)- June 2022 
  • Vectra (v1.10.20)- June 2022 
  • Nausicaa (v1.10.21)- July 2022
  • Promavess (v1.10.22) - Aug 2022 
  • Sentry Omega (v1.10.23)- Aug 2022 
  • Jarfor (v1.10.24) - Sep 2022 
  • Nemata (v1.10.25) - Sep 2022 



On DeFi - we are upgrading the decentralized proposal module to allow token holders to easily propose upgrades and new projects to the Community. This seeks to make the development process autonomous and funded by the investors without the intervention of the administrative team and a step toward being a community autonomous. 

Smart Contract upgrades (Expected Q4 2022)

The majority of the team’s efforts have been focused on the Work-in-Progress (WIP) items on the roadmap which include the smart contract codebase updates for deploying new tokens, staking and lending, futures trading, and more. Although these efforts are largely invisible to users, these updates are critical and require more time to develop and test than front-end related releases as security is the number one focus. Excellent progress made on these updates and we will continue working on them throughout Q4.


Future Considerations (Q1 2023)

OneLedger will evolve into a decentralized network with many diverse contributors. Eventually, there will be no one authority of what is or can be part of the OneLedger ecosystem. 

OneLedger will work with partners like WeFund and NewChip to expand its Ecosystem Fund as one of the sources of funding for engineering work that may make its way onto the OneLedger network. Our goal is to participate in ongoing conversations about the mission, vision and purpose of the Ecosystem development so that we can best support work to enabling it via funding, engineering, coordination and communication. This effort will be driven primarily by external developers, trying to launch the ‘next new thing’!


Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway (Q2 2023)

As we continue of DeFi development - we see fiat to crypto gateway solutions, as a absolute must. Merchants and customers alike should be able to move seamlessly between fiat and crypto with ease, without worrying about complex technical requirements or exorbitant fees. 

In our opinion, with the ongoing growth, we are seeing in the crypto market, being able to make payments using crypto will soon be expected by most consumers. To meet this need, we intend to implement effective crypto-to-fiat gateway to enhance our payment capabilities.  

We will partner with existing leaders to build an e-wallet solution, that users can deposit, hold, convert (fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat), transfer, and withdraw crypto quickly and conveniently.  


Industry 5.0 - Human-centric, sustainable and resilient (Q2 2023)

Industry 5.0 is characterised by going beyond producing goods and services for profit. It shifts the focus from the shareholder value to stakeholder value and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society. It places the well-being of the worker at the centre of the production process and uses new technologies to provide prosperity beyond jobs and growth while respecting the production limits of the planet. It complements the existing "Industry 4.0" approach by specifically putting research and innovation at the service of the transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry. This has become an international regulatory standard driven by the EU. 

Downstream manufacturing companies such as electronics and automotive companies are increasingly demanding the following information from upstream producers with regards to the metals and mineral in their end products:

  1. 1Provenance: From which mines/miners are the minerals and metals that are contained in their end products? 
  2. Production methods: Under which methods are they produced? Are they produced responsibly? 


We are working with a large multinational in the mining industry to understand how blockchain technology could potentially provide the above-mentioned claims as part of robust Chain of Custody (CoC) systems.


  • Multi-Hop Routing
    • Simplifies the topography of relayers such that packets from pairwise channels between chains can be routed through the hub while preserving the original channel and more importantly token denom path.
  • Chain Name Service
    • Chain-ID registry
    • Node registry
    • IBC Path Resolution
    • Asset registry
    • Account registry
    • Bech32 registry
  • NFT module
    • Enable simple management of NFT identifiers, their owners, and associated data, such as URIs, content, and provenance
    • An extensible base module for extensions including collectibles, custody, provenance, and marketplaces
  • Privacy
  • Smart Contracts
  • Rollups

The OneLedger Roadmap is maintained by the OneLedger Development team as a living document and is updated in collaboration with key stakeholders from the multi-entity OneLedger community 


Partnerships (Q4 2022 - Q1 2023)


We are currently working with investors and a stakeholder partner to launch the utility token and full-service suite of the platform. 

Upgrades  - we have expanded the Bridge to enable the swapping of almost 100 tokens. This change is applied to all supported networks on the MoonbaSwap DEX and depends which chain is selected, that provider will be shown as a default.

Currently will be supported providers:

OneLedger - > Moonbaswap 

Ethereum - > Uniswap V2

BSC - > Pancakeswap

Polygon - > Quickswap