Development Update

Posted by OneLedger on Jul 9, 2021 9:23:00 PM

In this sprint, we have concentrated on Oneswap protocol and Onepass Improvement.

OneLedger is an interoperable blockchain solution that allows seamless communication between other chains or data. In this sprint, we focused on building bridges between the OneLedger protocol and other blockchains to build OneSwap.

OneSwap protocol

  • Create design for the bridge in order to swap tokens between chains
  • Research backend API of beefy for the pool data
  • Create a smart contract for OLT lock
  • Create a smart contract to mint and burn OLT tokens on the external ethereum based node
  • Create a PoC bridge solution to perform OLT transferring from Protocol to external chain
  • Create a prototype cli for the bridge OLT token transferring
  • Create OLT contract for external chain
  • Add tests for the bridge contracts
  • Add co-signing service for the smart contract authentication
  • Add log poller of the bridge contract for protocol side
  • Add log poller of the bridge contract for BSC side
  • Add atomic cross-chain transactions tracker
  • Create an API for withdraw
  • Update EVM to London release
  • Implement web3 "eth" module for json rpc on the protocol (Blocks, Base info, Contracts)