Development Update (End of September)

Posted by OneLedger on Sep 23, 2021 6:04:41 AM

Welcome to our new dev update! for the hyper-growth of this quarter, here we will share what we have been working on lately.

Dev update-1

OneLedger is a platform built for interoperable business modularization, allowing existing business chain/system or other blockchains with sidechain to communicate on Kratos maninet. It is live and ready now. 

Capable of processing 4,000 transactions per second at $0.00000004 per transaction and scale to hundreds of thousands with demand. 


With the virtual machine(OLVM), developers can scale their development with a familiar tool - java script, solidity and compatible with ETH. It is scarce, secure, efficient, and globally interchangeable, designed for easy blockchain adoption, and capable of efficiently preserving our time.


OneLedger developers have been focusing on OneSwap looking to launch soon and polishing the protocol, OLVM and OnePass+.



    • Add proposal for validator max count and min self delegation amount script
    • Move nexus_block param to genesis file
    • Add staking limit and validator max count to Frankenstein update

Web3 Protocol

    • Apply fix from go-ethereum for VM (1.10.8)
    • Change Bridge contract to proxy
    • Fix web3 api v,r,s and to field for legacy tx
    • Add OneLedger to sourcify
    • Remove nonce to high check for increasing the throughput
    • Create chain configs JSON files to reserve the chain id on EVM chains
    • Update blockscout to EIP3091 for EVM integrations


Bridge Protocol

    • Add scripts for token pair generation
    • Update orchestrator API for the bridge UI
    • Add price info for orchestrator tokens
    • Extend bridge API config
    • Add estimate for entering, enter ETH and exit
    • Screener admin permissions
    • OnePass+ admin portal on mobile browser
    • Access role restrictions for OnePass+
  • OneLedger team is dedicated to building the most scalable blockchain solution and onboarding enterprise to solve its challenges.

See us grow until the next update!