OneLedger 2022 Roadmap

Posted by OneLedger on Feb 1, 2022 10:58:00 AM

For the OneLedger ecosystem, 2021 was the year of direction. Since we launched in 2018, the blockchain industry has changed remarkably. At that stage, the components that we now regard as central to any successful network, such as stablecoins, DeFi, and NFTs, were still in their infancy. Indeed, the concept of tokenisation was regularly being called into question – ‘Great idea, but why does it need a token?’ was a ready-made response to any emerging protocol that didn’t fit with the prevalent Sound Money or World Computer narratives.

Over the course of those first four years, we learned a lot from the fast-changing environment around us. As our development team continued to drive forward with the promises of our original whitepaper, we also carefully observed what others in the industry were dedicating their time and attention towards, and where protocol innovation was meeting with emerging user demand. These learnings and observations helped us to define and shape the direction we wanted OneLedger to move towards. It helped us paint a clearer image of what a flourishing and useful network would look like, aligned to our core values of interoperability, inclusion, and utility. From this vision, we could then work backward to identify the steps and resources necessary to get there.

 From this evolving vision, we arrived at some of the core primitives that will help shape our network’s future. Among the milestones reached, we launched our Mainnet, enabled smart contract capabilities, lowered the threshold for staking rewards, and created bridge integration with several top ecosystems including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. These were important steps in proving our potential to our community and rewarding them for putting their faith in our progress.

Now, 2022 will be the year of expansion. We will build on what’s been achieved in 2021 to expand the network and become a leader in several important areas. 

In Q1, we will focus on launching our DEX; a core component for activity and liquidity on the OneLedger network. We will shortly be releasing documentation on how the DEX will function, conducting a marketing campaign to bring attention to the protocol, and sharing detailed information for users on how to benefit from farming and staking capabilities. We expect the DEX to launch by the end of Q1.

Q2 will expand on OneLedger’s DeFi capabilities. This will involve various launches, including a lending/credit market to bolster liquidity across the network, one-click cross-chain transactions to bring greater liquidity from other chains, and a new LaunchPad to support a thriving network of native protocols on top of OneLedger.

In Q3, our focus will be on making OneLedger a hub for NFT activity. This past year has shown the broad appetite for NFTs among celebrities, sports stars, artists, and gamers, to list only a few groups. We firmly believe that the true potential of NFTs is yet to be realised and will only be unlocked by a platform that enables effortless interoperability and low transaction costs. OneLedger is perfectly positioned to capture the growing demand in this area, which we’ll do through the launch of our NFT marketplace.


The aim of Q4 will be to capture growing consumer interest in the metaverse. Across the broader technology sector, we’re seeing a convergence of budding innovations in areas such as VR, social media, and gaming into immersive virtual worlds. Blockchain will no doubt play an important role as a value layer to these environments. The essential characteristics of the OneLedger network make it the perfect place for developers to experiment and build these virtual worlds, and for users to spend their time playing, socialising, and being rewarded for their efforts.


For those that have been with us since the beginning of our journey and those that have joined us along the way, 2022 promises to be our most exciting year yet. It’s where we see the unique and defining features of OneLedger present a clear market differentiation, while also enabling our users to easily interface with and explore other chains. At the heart of our mission is to support our ecosystem to continue its growth trajectory and enable more people to share the rewards for being an active part of our journey.