OneLedger 2024 Plans RECAP AMA

Posted by OneLedger on Feb 27, 2024 8:06:26 AM

This AMA session, featuring CEO George Connolly, was segmented into three parts:

  1. George Connolly conveyed his perspective on company strategy
  2. Pre-recorded community member questions were addressed.
  3. Live questions from the audience were answered.



George Connolly: Hello everyone. This is our first AMA for the year. Let me apologize for that straight out of the blocks. Welcome, and thank you for your questions - I hope I can address all of them. Let's get started.


Q: There is a lot of rumours going around your new Enterprise, George. Lets clear the air around it. How can it help to grow the OneLedger blockchain! Could you please clarify your vision?


George Connolly: Thank you for that. Yes, I have taken on the leadership of a 3rd company. Adding Solar Dynamics, to OneLedger and Moonba. This is a strategic move and not a departure from the group.

For some time, we have been having discussions around, the tokenization of assets, blockchain for traceability, and how to build out these concepts and monetize them. We have partnered with several entities on our journey to deliver these solutions in a manner that would be accepted by the broad enterprise community. I have not been happy with any of those outcomes. 

Acquiring an enterprise operation in the sustainability space provided a unique opportunity to build out our concepts of tokenization, particularly concerning carbon credits, utility decentralization, carbon credit trading, and traceability dApp development. All done in an environment where we can control the testing, perfect the solution, test in a real-world environment, and then roll out. 

This is not a departure; it is the beginning of a new journey for us all.

My vision for the future of OneLedger is built around a few key pillars; a strategic link with sustainability, (there is no Planet B), what we do for mining using Proof of Stake rather than (PoW), AI implementation to enhance all decision-making, from trading to trend analysis and heightened security, and dApp deployment through partnerships, like with Companies for Net Zero, a non-profit dedicated to all companies wishing to measure, manage, and reduce their CO2 emissions at an affordable price.

Over the past 10 years, investments in climate technology have grown at a rate five times that of global startups, helping with efforts to achieve decarbonization goals and to create regulations for emissions disclosure.

One of the key drivers of growth in carbon credits has been the ongoing efforts to reach net-zero emissions goals. However, the market is divided in terms of value and structure due to the vast range of standards being released, as well as the lack of transparency in the data on underlying carbon intensity.

Since the majority of agreements are over-the-counter and carbon credits are distributed through some registries, market efficiency, and transparency are necessary for scalability.

This is where our blockchain technology can help overcome some of these key challenges. Its effective real-time settlement can promote greater volumes and liquidity by making carbon credits more composable.

A carbon credit needs an audit trail of the components contributing to its carbon intensity, and an open blockchain could produce useful price data to encourage asset comparability.

This is where OneLedger with all its experience and trials can make a real-world difference and deliver on the vision we have always held.


Q: What do you think will be the main focus for OneLedger after all things that happened in 2024?


George Connolly: We are now a truly mature platform; 5 years old, and at the tail end of our tokenomics construct. With APY stagnating, we need a paradigm shift, in focus, energy, and development.

To this end, we are in the process of making new hires in the areas of business development, marketing support, and development.

Development has been a sore point for us and we intend to change this by going in two directions simultaneously; 
One team is building an AI arbitrage-based trading bot dApp. This is already under construction, and we will give weekly updates on its progress.

We have spent quite a bit of time and money building out the Moonba platform, and it has never really taken off the way intended. We will do two things here.

An entirely new team will be hired to promote and manage Moonba, and many of the functional tools from Moonba, like the web 2 portal for staking and purchasing, as well as the launch pad for new dApps, will be integrated into the OneLedger platform.

We intend to build a trading platform, specifically designed for carbon credit trading. Our partnership engagement has begun. The third development team working on this has started to build out their schematic. Again, there will be weekly updates on its progress.

We are acutely aware of the mistakes we have made in the past.




Not delivering on development promptly: to solve this problem, we have contracted individual dev teams to work on specific projects. Specialized in the area of development, rather than having a single team try to manage several new projects.

Each dev team has its project manager who reports directly to me to deliver on what has been contracted.

Marketing mismatch: our marketing energy has not always been aligned with market dynamics. We are renewing our relationship with TokenSuite, building AI analytics into the marketing decision-making and funding relevant influencers. 

Community building and transparent engagement: We will have weekly open discussions with the community. When we say that, we mean it. After this AMA, a schedule of weekly meetings will be posted, and we will honour each one, led by myself or another team member.

New ideas; we mustn't sit around the conference table and just listen to ourselves speak. We will revise our advisory team, and we will have a 5-minute brainstorming session with the community in each weekly engagement

The lifeblood of any project is its community. You are the ones who will embrace new initiatives or leave them wanting. It is therefore crucial that we hear what you want and deliver what you want.


Community Questions


Q: My questions is when new cex and is there any plan for new cex?


George Connolly: We are restricted from speaking on this. As I have said before, this is business as usual.


Q: Why has development stopped? Nothing new added to your GitHub repo in months.


George Connolly: This will change as per my announcements above.


Q: Will Tracex  bring onchain transactions ?


George Connolly: We are working even more closely with TraceX now as we explore the carbon credit trading platforms. They have some innovative carbon capture solutions that we want to integrate. Our sales and business development teams will have many more opportunities to close arrangements now. Fingers crossed.


Q: Do you feel there is any likelihood of incorporating OLT into the solar energy sector, considering your newfound CEO position?


George Connolly: We intend to do it. 

As customers migrate to solar and other sustainable energy solutions, we will allow them to track (positive) carbon credits per metric ton of green energy produced via a dApp/App. 

This will allow regulators to offer trading or purchase opportunities to get to Net Zero. This will be the first step. 

As you can see, efficiency in capturing the data and working out the calculations is best done by blockchain and AI. Price points are best regulated by smart contracts, and blockchain is the best solution for auditing and trading. 

So, yes, we intend to do this with a global team.


Q: Do you intend to create a OneLedger app, or do you anticipate Gen Z utilizing a web2 portal for purchasing and staking OLT? What about a launchpad that would allow stakeholders to invest in projects that would launch on OneLedger?


George Connolly: I think this is important; we built a lot of this functionality into Moonba when we partnered on that project. It would be simple and useful for us to create the portal and launchpad. 
I will add this to our list.


Q: After 6 years we still don't have a customer? What do you think it depends on?


George Connolly: This is not entirely accurate. We have built white-label solutions for clients; otherwise, we would not have been able to survive. But, you are right, we do not have on-chain clients moving across our platform.

Many clients do not want to be the first ones on a platform. Thus, we get tremendous pushback when we say there is no one there right now. With this new acquisition of a mature and established business in the enterprise space, we have an opportunity to change that dynamic, by having a vertically integrated solution.

A starting point to say - we have onboarded at least one client.


Q: What is or what will george do in 2024 and 2025 to make OLT coin more valuable ?  And these targets and plans will be really really delivered or like everytime , they will be in only dreams ?


George Connolly: No more dreams, no more promises, delivery only! We are in a much better position now, to mobilize resources, work with global partners, and deliver on the roadmap.


Q: Now you will delegate a large part of your time to a local company that provides solar energy in your area. Does it mean the team can't afford to pay your salary?

George Connolly:  To grow, we need to diversify. The synergy between blockchain and sustainable solutions has always been clear. OneLedger has never had an issue paying a salary. This is a strategic move and NOT one of necessity or desperation.


Q: Here are members who have started building Daaps with their own money and time but do not get in touch with the developers in your team. Whats is the problem?

George Connolly: Let me apologize for that. This will not be a challenge going forward. We will have three development teams. One is working on maintenance and upgrades, and two are working on new applications.


Q: George need to do his best after all of these issues of GO. I dont think he realised it or not but please share this info with him

George Connolly: I agree. I should have done a better job of vetting GO and the depth of the relationship between the two entities. We needed an enterprise partner to help us achieve our goals; we thought GO could have been that. Solar Dynamics will now fill that role as a deployment, RD, and testing center for our solutions.


Q: George Conolly is really believing himself about he did best for OLT in recent years ?

George Connolly: I think I did some good things, and I knew I fell in many areas. The thing is to not make the same mistakes. We plan to move this forward with pace and energy.


Q: What really happened with Panos? Panos made it seem like OLT is not ready for adoption without not of extra work.

George Connolly: The final iteration of the project partnership with Panos was to have a token that effectively replaced OLT. That was not widely accepted.  The final point here is that we have a plan, we have resourced the team that will make it happen, and we are executing that plan, with constant contact and weekly engagement. The future is bright!


Q:  This message is not very clear about one thing , will OLT token be replaced?

George Connolly: We are not going to take any action that replaces OLT. We may introduce new tokens, but OLT is here to stay.