OneLedger and Fintelics Partnership!

Posted by OneLedger on Aug 29, 2018 4:06:00 PM

Recently, OneLedger has been under a lot of limelight due to its innovative technology. We have received attention and interest from many blockchain companies and enterprises to use our platform. Amidst this interest, a passionate team of Software Engineers, known by the name of Fintelics agreed to form a strategic partnership with OneLedger.

Fintelics is a fintech consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada. They specialize in blockchain technologies, cloud architecture, big data, and full stack software development. The goal of Fintelics is to remain agile both in terms of serving clients and developing software within their team, all while making sure to deliver quality code rapidly by having experienced seniors design the architecture and maintain frequent effective communication with their clients.

OneLedger is a new generation of public chain protocol that provides highly efficient cross-chain engine. It helps individuals and businesses achieve cross-chain transactions through side chains. Additionally, OneLedger provides SDK development tools to enterprise developers. It can be used to build business modules that serve multiple business purposes. All the interactions with public and private chains take place on the side chains, which significantly increases the efficiency of cross-chain transactions. This effectively improves the security of cross-chain transactions.

Through this partnership, Fintelics will be leveraging the OneLedger platform to build blockchain related projects on it. OneLedger’s cross-chain capability will help Fintelics strengthen their blockchain technology solutions by allowing their blockchain systems the ability to create smart contracts that can communicate with other blockchains, store all cryptocurrencies in one digital wallet and allow them to make and process transactions with other blockchain systems.

OneLedger and Fintelics look forward to working with each other, and create ground-breaking blockchain systems which will ease the adoption of blockchain technology for the enterprises.