OneLedger Inc. Partners with CodeX: A Revolutionary No-Code Ecosystem for Blockchain Mass Adoption

Posted by OneLedger on Oct 17, 2023 10:35:33 AM

Barbados, Oct 17, 2023.  OneLedger Inc, a leading Layer1 interoperable blockchain, proudly announces its strategic partnership with CodeX, the cutting-edge no-code ecosystem powered by AI for driving blockchain mass adoption and dApp development.

"This partnership represents a significant milestone in our mission to simplify blockchain development and drive mass adoption. Together with CodeX, we are empowering developers and businesses to unleash their potential in the blockchain space."


CodeX stands at the forefront of innovation, offering an abstracted smart contract language that simplifies the development process. Noteworthy features include bridging the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, functioning as a fair DAO with equal voting power, and ensuring high throughput, low fees, scalability, and availability for DApps. The partnership with OneLedger Inc signifies a significant step towards a more accessible and user-friendly blockchain landscape.


Andrea Bello, Co-Founder and CEO, CodeX comments: 

“Our vision is to be the engine bridging ecosystems and their users, enabling effortless and affordable deployment. We are driving the mass adoption of Web3 by putting the power to create in the hands of every innovator"

DApp builders on OneLedger can anticipate a host of exciting possibilities:

  1.  Effortless No-Code Development: DApp builders can leverage CodeX’s innovative no-code platform integrated with OneLedger’s infrastructure. This means developers no longer need extensive coding knowledge, enabling creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to bring their DApp ideas to life without technical barriers.
  2. AI-Powered Enhancements: By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within CodeX, DApp builders gain access to smart tools that enhance user experience, automate processes, and offer valuable insights. These AI-driven features can significantly enrich the functionality and appeal of DApps developed on OneLedger.
  3. Cross-Chain Integration: OneLedger’s interoperability allows DApp builders to seamlessly integrate their applications across different blockchain networks. This cross-chain compatibility not only widens the user base but also enhances the overall utility of DApps, making them accessible to a diverse audience.
  4. Community-Driven Development: Through CodeX’s fair DAO structure, DApp builders become part of a community where decisions are made collectively. This democratic approach ensures equal voting power, encouraging collaborative development and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovative DApps.
  5. Enhanced Security and Scalability: DApp builders can take advantage of OneLedger’s enhanced security features, combined with CodeX’s unique Proof of Stake and Proof of Contribution mechanisms. This amalgamation ensures a secure and scalable environment for DApp deployment, instilling confidence among developers and users alike.

About OneLedger Technology Inc.

OneLedger Technology Inc. is a distributed consensus protocol company that has created a blockchain that will act as a bridge between enterprises and other chains. This allows cross-chain transactions and provides a marketplace for building sophisticated business modules.



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