OneLedger Tecnhology Inc. partners with TraceX to offer blockchain traceability in the agri value chain

Posted by OneLedger on May 18, 2023 11:46:54 AM

photo_2023-05-17_16-31-08Barbados, May 18, 2023.  OneLedger Technology Inc. and TraceX have partnered to work together in developing blockchain-based solutions that can enhance the traceability and sustainability of food supply chains. While TraceX specializes in providing traceability and decarbonisation solutions using blockchain for sustainable food supply chains, OneLedger is focused on providing blockchain technology solutions to enterprises and institutions. Through this collaboration, TraceX and OneLedger aim to combine their expertise to improve the traceability, sustainability, and decarbonisation of food supply chains using blockchain technology.

As per the agreement, TraceX and OneLedger will collaborate to develop and deploy blockchain solutions for the traceability, sustainability and decarbonisation of food supply chains in the Americas region. Both parties will contribute their respective expertise, skills, and knowledge to ensure the success of the collaboration. The primary objective of this partnership is to work together in developing blockchain-based solutions that can improve the traceability, sustainability and decarbonisation of food supply chains.

George Connolly, CEO, OneLedger Inc. “OneLedger is a Layer-1 solution that helps businesses, governments, and individuals solve complex challenges using blockchain and other disruptive technologies. Water and food production and its attendant distribution, as well as conservation, are critical pillars of all economies that need the benefit of technology.  The infusion and application of technology has exponentially increased the output and development of every industrial segment where it has been applied. 

We believe the agri-tech platforms are long overdue and still underutilized. TraceX has simplified the onboarding and use of technology in this important sector. Interoperability remains a primary focus for us. This will persist as we continue to upgrade our expertise in connecting businesses to blockchains, keeping their centralized data consistent with the transfer of assets on the blockchain consensus mechanisms in the same chain. This provides a marketplace for building sophisticated business modules using plug-and-play components. We embrace partners like TraceX - as they bring this all together in a real world environment”

Srivatsa Sreenivasarao, Co-Founder and CEO, TraceX, “ The World is becoming smaller, the population is growing and food may become scarce. At TraceX, we strongly believe that technology can be a great enabler to bridge these critical gaps. When we built our Blockchain Agri-tech platform FOODSIGN®, the goal was to create a connected network of supply chain players so that there is trust and transparency. This will ensure Agri businesses can come together and achieve their objectives on one single Full stack technology platform.

One Ledger being a leader in bringing Blockchain solutions to the Americas region is slated to be a key partner for us as we look to expand Globally. It impressed us that as a Blockchain organisation they are agnostic to verticals and have good reach across the region.

We are extremely excited about this relationship and look forward to a long and successful relationship. ”

About OneLedger Technology Inc.

OneLedger Technology Inc. is a distributed consensus protocol company that has created a blockchain that will act as a bridge between enterprises and other chains. This allows cross-chain transactions and provides a marketplace for building sophisticated business modules.


About TraceX

TraceX Technologies is an Agri & Climate Tech start-up based out of Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India. On a mission to build Climate Resilient, Connected Food and Agri Supply Chains, TraceX’s technology platform leverages the power of Blockchain to ensure end to end traceability of food across supply chain and extends itself to provide digital measurement, reporting and verification (DMRV) capability to realize high quality verifiable carbon credits for accelerating climate action and sustainability goals