OneLedger & CodeX AMA Session RECAP

Posted by OneLedger on Oct 31, 2023 11:09:33 AM

This AMA session, featuring the OneLedger team with CEO George Connolly, and CodeX representatives CMO Ika Afifah and CEO Andrea Bello, was segmented into four parts:

  1. George Connolly conveyed his perspective on collaborating with CodeX.
  2. The team from OneLedger engaged in detailed discussions with CodeX.
  3. Pre-recorded community member questions were addressed.
  4. Live questions from the audience were answered.

George Connolly: Hello everyone - welcome to our AMA! Welcome to the CodeX team of Ika and Andrea.

Ika Afifah: Hey everyone, Ika is here from CodeX

Andrea Bello: Hello everyone pleasure


George Connolly: This partnership represents a significant milestone in our mission to simplify blockchain development and drive mass adoption. Together with CodeX, we empower developers and businesses to unleash their potential in the blockchain space. This is a very happy day for me, I have seen this product develop and what it can offer to Ledgerians is amazing

Ika Afifah: It is our pleasure to be here

Andrea Bello: Very happy..great day for me too


George Connolly: This a pioneering move destined to reshape the blockchain landscape, OneLedger Inc., an avant-garde in Layer1 interoperable blockchain solutions, has officially partnered with CodeX - a game-changing no-code ecosystem. This collaboration emerges as a beacon for blockchain's next chapter, promising a simpler, more inclusive future powered by AI and no-code solutions. Bridging the expertise of OneLedger's infrastructural prowess with CodeX's revolutionary approach, this partnership heralds a new age where blockchain mass adoption isn't just a dream but an achievable reality.

The first question for the CodeX team - Can you share with our community the core vision of CodeX and how it hopes to revolutionize the blockchain space?

Ika Afifah: CodeX strives to simplify the complexities of web3, acting as a bridge to overcome challenges in the space. While there's intense technological competition in Layer 0, Layer 1, and Layer 2 solutions, many users lack awareness and knowledge of the underlying technology. 

Our mission:  we aim to bridge the gap between users, builders, technology, and the broader ecosystem, enabling them to deploy DApps seamlessly, even without prior coding knowledge.


George Connolly: Thank you - so for Interoperability. OneLedger's focus on Layer1 interoperable blockchain ensures smooth cross-chain transactions, broadening the use cases and potential markets. CodeX will aid significantly with this. Next question - are you ready?

Andrea Bello CEO: yes


George Connolly: Our partnership has garnered significant interest. From CodeX's perspective, what were the compelling factors that made OneLedger a good fit for collaboration?

Ika Afifah: CodeX's partnership with OneLedger is driven by compelling factors:

  1. Technological Expertise: OneLedger excels in blockchain technology, aligning with CodeX's goal to simplify tech complexities.
  2. Most importantly, interoperability and cross-chain Capabilities: OneLedger's strength in cross-chain solutions addresses blockchain interoperability challenges, crucial for web3 adoption.
  3. Innovation: OneLedger's innovative approach aligns with CodeX's vision for accessible web3 solutions.
  4. Shared Vision: Both share a vision for mass web3 adoption, emphasizing user-centricity.
  5. Complementary Strengths: CodeX focuses on user experience, while OneLedger provides technological infrastructure.
  6. Mass adoption: Both aim to make blockchain accessible, especially for non-developers.

This partnership represents a powerful alliance poised to revolutionize blockchain, fostering widespread adoption.


George Connolly: I love all these - esp Point 4. Next question: CodeX has a unique abstracted smart contract language. How does this simplify the development process, especially for those entering the blockchain world for the first time?

Andrea Bello:  User-Friendly Abstraction:

The primary advantage is that users are shielded from the intricacies of smart contract development. They are not required to delve into or comprehend the technicalities of smart contracts, eliminating a significant barrier for entry.

Seamless Interaction:

Users can interact with the system without directly engaging with the underlying smart contracts. This abstraction fosters a user-friendly environment where individuals, even with no prior blockchain experience, can participate effortlessly.

Dynamic and Modular Contracts:

A key aspect of our approach is the creation of dynamic and modular smart contracts. These contracts are designed to evolve based on changing computational inputs and user needs. The architecture continually adapts to ensure alignment with users' evolving requirements.

Automated Adaptation:

The unique capability to dynamically adjust smart contracts based on user needs brings automation to the forefront. As input parameters change, the smart contract and its architecture automatically adapt, ensuring seamless integration with evolving user requirements.

Reduced Learning Curve:

For newcomers to the blockchain realm, the learning curve is significantly reduced. Our abstracted language allows developers to concentrate on application logic and functionality, abstracting away the complexities associated with low-level blockchain protocols and languages.

Agile Development Process:

Our approach promotes an agile development process. Developers can rapidly prototype and iterate on functionalities without being burdened by the intricacies of blockchain development. This agility is crucial for keeping pace with the rapidly changing landscape of user demands.

Error Reduction and Readability:

The use of higher-level constructs in the abstracted language contributes to reduced error proneness. Developers can express complex operations in a more concise and readable manner, contributing to overall code quality and maintainability.

Integration Ease:

The abstraction layer facilitates easier integration with external services and oracles. This feature empowers developers to seamlessly incorporate real-world data into their smart contracts, enhancing the richness and versatility of blockchain applications.


George Connolly: WOW! Let me process this - quickly. Integration is a BIG one for me! I was going to ask about that specifically - maybe later. Great stuff!

Andrea Bello: Sure


George Connolly: Next question: In your last response above: "User-Friendly Abstraction," With a no-code platform like CodeX, we're opening doors for innovators who may not have technical expertise. How does CodeX ensure that the DApps produced remain of high quality and performance?

Ika Afifah: Nice question! With CodeX's no-code platform, we're breaking down barriers to entry for innovators without technical expertise. Ensuring that the DApps produced maintain high quality and performance is a top priority for us. Here's how CodeX achieves this: 👇

  1. Security Audits: Our no-code product undergoes rigorous security audits to guarantee its safety and reliability. This audit process is designed to identify and rectify vulnerabilities, ensuring that the DApps created on our platform are secure.
  2. Regular Updates: We are committed to continuous improvement. CodeX regularly updates its features and smart contracts to stay in sync with the evolving blockchain landscape. Users on a subscription payment model benefit from these updates, which include both new features and security enhancements.
  3. Flexible Payment Model: 

-Subscription Model Advantage: Subscribers receive the latest features and audited smart contracts as part of their subscription package. This ensures that their DApps are always up-to-date and secure.

- One-Time Payment Model: For users who opt for the one-time payment model (pay per deploy), they receive audited smart contracts at the time of deployment. While they may not benefit from subscription-based updates, they can deploy their DApps with confidence, knowing that they are using audited, high-quality smart contracts.


By implementing these measures, CodeX guarantees that DApps created on our platform are not only user-friendly but also of the highest quality and performance. This commitment to security, regular updates, and flexibility in payment models ensures that both novice and experienced developers can rely on CodeX for their DApp development needs.


George Connolly: Impressive!!! So, interoperability is a hallmark of OneLedger. How does CodeX plan to leverage this to expand its reach and enhance the user experience?

Andrea Bello: That's a key point

George Connolly: Yes, back to interoperability...

Ika Afifah:  CodeX recognizes the value of interoperability, and we are eager to leverage OneLedger's expertise in this area to expand our reach and enhance the user experience in the following ways: 👇

  1. Cross-Chain Compatibility: OneLedger's interoperability solutions enable seamless communication and data exchange across different blockchains. By integrating with OneLedger's technology, CodeX can support a wide range of blockchain networks. This means that DApps built on CodeX can interact with various blockchains, broadening their capabilities and user base.
  2. Enhanced Asset Transfer: Interoperability allows for the transfer of assets and data between blockchains. With OneLedger's support, CodeX can offer users the ability to move assets and information between different chains, unlocking new possibilities for decentralized applications.
  3. User-Friendly Experience: We aim to make the user experience as smooth as possible. Leveraging OneLedger's interoperability features, users of CodeX can access and interact with multiple blockchains without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. This user-friendly approach makes blockchain technology more accessible to a broader audience.
  4. Wider Ecosystem Integration: CodeX can tap into OneLedger's network of partners and collaborators. This ecosystem integration can lead to more opportunities for DApp developers and users, creating a thriving and interconnected blockchain community.
  5. Collaborative Innovation: By working together, CodeX and OneLedger can explore and develop new use cases that harness the power of interoperability. This collaboration encourages innovation and opens doors to uncharted territories in the blockchain space.

In summary, CodeX plans to leverage OneLedger's expertise in interoperability to create a more versatile, user-friendly, and well-connected platform for DApp development. This expansion and enhanced user experience will contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology by making it more accessible and powerful for developers and users alike.


George Connolly: This sounds amazing!!! I love everything here. Congrats

George Connolly: Next question - I'm particularly intrigued by the fair DAO structure of CodeX. Could you shed more light on its importance and how it will influence community-driven development?

Andrea Bello: In the context of the CodeX ecosystem, a "fair DAO" means that decision-making power is distributed equitably among community members, irrespective of token holdings or staking levels. This approach promotes democratic and inclusive governance by giving more community participants a say in ecosystem decisions. Please note that this governance structure applies to the CodeX ecosystem, and the CodeX no-code DAO generator will be able to be set-up with different governance models. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.


George Connolly: We have addressed the vision alignment and the mutual benefits of the partnership, let us look at the technical side. How will the integration between OneLedger's Layer1 interoperable blockchain and CodeX's no-code ecosystem work technically?

Andrea Bello: The integration between OneLedger's Layer1 interoperable blockchain and CodeX's no-code ecosystem is a technically intricate yet highly valuable collaboration. To establish an effective interoperable blockchain, a substantial amount of technical development is required. OneLedger is at the forefront of this effort, leveraging its expertise to build a blockchain that seamlessly interacts with other networks.

CodeX steps in to simplify and expedite this technical journey. With its no-code ecosystem, CodeX provides access to a range of existing tools and resources, effectively serving as a launchpad for developers and entrepreneurs. This partnership allows developers to access a comprehensive set of tools, enhancing the quality and quantity of resources available for the development of interoperable solutions

In essence, CodeX accelerates the technical progress needed for creating an interoperable blockchain while simplifying the development process and expanding the toolbox for developers and innovators in the OneLedger community. This strategic partnership combines the strengths of both platforms to create a more accessible and robust blockchain ecosystem.


George Connolly: Great response - next question:

George Connolly: How do you see this collaboration impacting the larger Web3 movement and the push towards a decentralized internet?

Ika Afifah: This collaboration holds immense potential for the broader Web3 movement and the advancement of decentralized internet. CodeX, acting as a crucial bridge, addresses the significant gap among users, builders, technology, and the broader ecosystem. With OneLedger's expertise in cross-chain functionalities, this partnership facilitates seamless interaction across multiple blockchains.

By leveraging OneLedger's capabilities, CodeX can extend its reach to a diverse user base spanning various chains. Simultaneously, existing projects on different chains can integrate with OneLedger, expanding their accessibility and influence. The robust community involvement within OneLedger opens avenues for community members to become techpreneurs and builders on OneLedger through CodeX.

This symbiotic relationship not only fosters mass adoption of Web3 but also enhances collaboration and innovation in the decentralized internet space. The combined strengths of CodeX and OneLedger create an ecosystem where users, builders, and technology converge, driving the Web3 movement towards widespread acceptance and utility.

George Connolly: "By leveraging OneLedger's capabilities, CodeX can extend its reach to a diverse user base spanning various chains." I love this. Well said Ika.

Ika Afifah: Appreciated !


George Connolly: Next question - How will CodeX's unique Proof of Stake and Proof of Contribution mechanisms synergize with OneLedger's security features to ensure robustness and scalability?

Andrea Bello: That's a great question!

CodeX's Proof of Contribution is a multifaceted system that engages contributors at various skill levels. This inclusivity allows for a comprehensive approach to security and scalability. Contributors, regardless of their expertise, play a role in fortifying the network's defenses and enhancing its capacity to handle increased loads.

What sets this mechanism apart is its distinctive approach to rewarding contributors. By granting royalty access to those who actively contribute, the ecosystem fosters ongoing engagement and incentivizes contributors to remain dedicated to its growth. This model not only ensures robustness and scalability but also encourages long-term commitment and sustainability.

In essence, CodeX's Proof of Contribution, combined with OneLedger's security features, forms a dynamic partnership that fortifies the ecosystem's resilience and adaptability, providing a secure and scalable environment for developers and users alike.


George Connolly: How will the partnership impact the community-driven development approach CodeX is known for, especially within the DAO structure?

Ika Afifah: The collaboration with OneLedger significantly enhances CodeX's community-driven development approach within our DAO structure—a structure designed to be simple, fair, and inclusive. Here's how this partnership positively impacts our community involvement: 👇

  1. Expanded Expertise Pool: OneLedger's expertise in blockchain technology and cross-chain solutions broadens the skill set within the CodeX community. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone, regardless of technical background, can contribute meaningfully to the development process
  2. Empowered Development: OneLedger's cross-chain capabilities empower CodeX's community to contribute across multiple blockchains, fostering collaboration and a comprehensive DApp development approach
  3. Technical Empowerment: The partnership provides our community with essential technical resources, ensuring active participation aligned with blockchain intricacies wit hin our DAO structure
  4. Innovation Hub: Aligned with CodeX's commitment to pushing development boundaries, the collaboration with OneLedger encourages our community to implement cutting-edge solutions, fostering innovation within our DAO structure.
  5. Decentralized Governance: The partnership widens the adoption of decentralized governance in the CodeX community. With enhanced technical capabilities, members actively shape CodeX projects through a more decentralized decision-making process. At CodeX, our intentionally simple and fair DAO structure ensures every Ledgerian has an equal voice, fostering collaboration in a egalitarian environment.


George Connolly: WOW!!!!!

Ika Afifah: Sure !!

George Connolly: This is my favourite statement of the day. Technical Empowerment: The partnership provides our community with essential technical resources, ensuring active participation aligned with blockchain intricacies within our DAO structure. Technical Empowerment - that is the reason behind the adoption of blockchain.

Ika Afifah: Indeed !


George Connolly: Now we are going to jump to some submitted questions from the Community.

Community Questions

Q1: My question is what is the long term projection of this partnership between oneledger and codex also is there any projected dapp amount expectation on oneledger blockchain for next several years thanks to codex partnership ?

Ika Afifah:The long-term projection of the partnership between OneLedger and CodeX is to create numerous no-code solutions tailored to the needs of the market, with a particular focus on the OneLedger community. The projected number of DApps to be deployed on the OneLedger blockchain in the coming years will depend on the OneLedger community. CodeX offers the opportunity for community members to become techpreneurs in the web3 space without the need for coding. Whether you have ten ideas or more, you can deploy them on OneLedger using CodeX's platform. Currently, we have developed a no-code token and NFT generator, along with its utility features (burn, governance, voting, wrapping, etc.), a no-code DAO, and a no-code NFT marketplace. Then, on our roadmap, a no-code launchpad and a no-code domain name service, encompassing front-end, back-end, and smart contract interfaces. We remain open to community input and contributions to expand our offerings further.

Andrea Bello: NFT related to:

  • Music
  • Identity and data protection
  • Real-World assets
  • Games and more

Q2:  I want to learn is it easy to use a CodeX system ? For example, I'm a normal person without a dev - tech background. Can I use it easily and can I easily develop dApps ? or more info needed How this no-code thing will work ?

Ika Afifah: Sure, please check out this link to see the MVP demo 👉 . 

Imagine creating your website using It's super easy, just like that. No coding is involved. That's how our product will be, and it will be even simpler because you only need to fill out a form and deploy.

Q3: What is the cost or payment to use codex solutions while developing dapps ?

Andrea Bello: The cost can vary depending on the blockchain and the specific no-code solution selected. For a simple no-code token or NFT, the cost for using CodeX is approximately $10 USD or $1 a month in subscription model. In addition, there may be network fees associated with the blockchain, such as OneLedger. For a full no-code DApp, the cost is approximately $150 USD per deploy. If you choose a subscription model, it's around $20 USD per month. Please note that these costs may vary based on factors like blockchain fees and the complexity of the DApp.


Q4: Great technology won’t be successful without great marketing. So what are your marketing strategies to promote OneLedger x CodeXChain?

Ika Afifah:Our marketing strategy for CodeX is straightforward: 👇

  1. Strategic Partnerships: We place a strong emphasis on strategic partnerships and collaboration with OneLedger. We work together to understand user needs and how we can make their techpreneur dreams come true
  2. Ambassador Program: We are launching an Ambassador Program for those who want to assist in the process, especially from the OneLedger community. These ambassadors will act as our "translators," helping the Ledgerians community understand updates, localizing content, and guiding them to build on OneLedger using CodeX. We are opening now, soon will be close, for those who are interested, here is the form registration 👇

  1. Proof of Contribution: We enable the OneLedger community to get involved and contribute to CodeX. If you're a developer, you can help us build the infrastructure and code, earning royalties whenever your code is used. Even if you're not a developer, for example, if you have expertise in finance, you can assist projects and share in the profits. We aim to ensure that everyone can benefit from and contribute to our ecosystem.


Q5: My question is really, when will we see transactions on this blockchain?

Andrea Bello: We are currently in the testing beta phase, and our plan is to have a soft launch of the EVM-based blockchain around mid-November. If you'd like to be on the whitelist for this launch, we'll share a form with you (here is the registration ).

You'll have the opportunity to participate in the co-testing during the soft launch. Being one of the early users, you'll be among the first to experience our platform. Once you deploy something on OneLedger, you'll officially become a techpreneur on OLT. If you have any more questions or need further details, please let us know!

Q6: From my understanding this is not the first time George and Andrea/Ika have made a partnership, what will differ from the WeFund partnership last time ?

I don't want to assume anything, but I would have MORE trust if CodeX made a Dapp for OneLedger and showed what it is capable of , I still cannot see any example on the works , and even the website says "Coming soon".

Blockhain is full of people with "NothingBurguers" following the "word" of the moment, i want Codex to succeed but for that there needs to be an EXAMPLE. I don't want it do end up like ("If you cannot eat your own made burguers you shouldn't sell them") What real world NoCode developments are in production using CodeX ?

Ika Afifah: Honest to speak, the partnership with WeFund was ok, we were happy working with OneLedger, during WeFund we made a significant impact but due to bear market, less demand to use Launchpad.

Yet the "trend" is not a launchpad anymore, as a business person, there is 2 option

  1. you follow the market trend (which nowadays is AI, simplify)
  2. you create a new market but you need to be a whale in the market

Therefore, CodeX born, cuz we are at the right time, right trend, right moment