OneLedger launches its International Health Passport for global markets

Posted by OneLedger on Dec 26, 2020 5:01:48 PM

After more than four months of beta testing with partners at Windsor-Essex Economic Development
Corporation; WEtech Alliance; the Ontario Centres for Excellence; the Autonomous Vehicle
Innovation Network (AVIN), OneLedger Technology Inc, a Canadian company with offices in
Barbados, has announced the launch of its ‘ International Health Passport™ ’ application on both
Android and iOS platforms.


The OneLedger International Health Passport harnesses digital technology with the unique
characteristics available only on blockchain’s distributed ledger to provide a secure and verifiable
system that can authenticate the immunization health records of travelers moving across borders.
It addresses the immediate issue presented by COVID-19 but goes further by facilitating the secure
storage and easy access to an individual’s complete immunization history .
President of OneLedger Technology, George Connolly, noted that “ Our target with our partners is to
have at least 40 million downloads by the end of Q1, 2021. Very few companies have passed the
rigour of testing to have the application available on both platforms.”

George Connolly, OneLedger’s President 

showing the IHP application on an Apple mobile phone

at the company’s offices in Barbados on Thursday December 17th, 2020