OneLedger Naming Service (ONS)

Posted by Aly Kassam on Apr 21, 2020 1:27:43 PM


Domain Management Service has been a part of the OneLedger vision since our whitepaper was published in 2018. It allows Businesses and Consumers to create an identity within our network. The Domains created on the OneLedger Network can be tied directly to an Account (OneLedger Address) and can be associated with website URLs so that Businesses can connect their web properties to a OneLedger Account and send crypto-payments to any online business.

The most prominent/popular Domains will be reserved (in the genesis block) for sale by OneLedger. This step is being taken to restrict users from reserving domains of prominent businesses.


My Domains

Domains are fully managed through the "My Domains" section in the OneWallet.


Current Features:

  1. A Domain can have a Beneficiary Account, which is different from the Owner Account. The Beneficiary Account receives any amount of cryptocurrency sent to the domain. Currently, you can assign a different Beneficiary Account from a list of accounts you own.

  2. Domains can be Active or Inactive, making them available to Accept tokens

  3. Domains are filtered by Account Owner

Future Features:

  1. Subdomains: OneLedger will allow for third-level domains to be created and managed

  2. Beneficiary Accounts: will be able to assign to addresses you don’t own

  3. Assign a website URL to a Domain

Search Domains


Current Features:

  1. Searching for Domains will present the Domains that are for sale and Domains that haven’t been created yet

Future Features:

  1. Search will provide recommendations for alternate domains

  2. Send a bid to the current owner to purchase the Domain

Purchase Domains




Current Features:

  1. Assign Beneficiary Account, on Purchase, from the accounts you currently own

  2. Select a Term for ownership in Million Blocks (MBks) for a specified fee. There are 4 options for ownership term:

    (i) 10 MBks
    (ii) 20 MBks
    (iii) 50 MBks
    (iv) 100 MBks

Future Features:

  1. Select a Beneficiary Account that you don’t own

Demo of OneLedger Naming Service


ONS Video