OneLedger Partners with WORLD TOKEN

Posted by OneLedger on Jun 2, 2021 8:51:32 AM


The market for nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, is expected to maintain its rapid growth trajectory this year as demand for digital collectibles continues to grow.

To extend these NFT demands, OneLedger has built a virtual machine called the OLVM which currently runs on our testnet Chronos.


OLVM enable to develop and deploy smart contracts and NFTs (BSC ERC-721, ERC-1155), ERC-20, DEFI, OpenSea exchange contract) on OneLedge the same way they exist on the ethereum network but cheap gas and high speed for executing the transactions.

Alongside OneLedger’s vision as a shortcut for Blockchain development and easy adoption, Having more people create NTFs on our protocol is a must to increase the number of OLVM adoptions.


Aside from that, OneLedger proudly announces the partnership with WORLD, a one-stop-shop for purchasing digital goods online, next-generation unlimited digital goods (NFTs, games, collectibles, comics, gift cards, music, e-books, and more) marketplace, launching their mainnet on the 3rd of June 2021.

Our aligned vision with WORLD and the rest of the team will allow both OneLedger and World Token to attain their respective visions in the predictable future.

World will be deploying its marketplace, farming, and token contracts on OneLedger in the future to enable support for the chain. This would make To extend these NFT demands, OneLedger has built a virtual machine called the OLVM which currently runs on our testnet Chronos., allowing for merchants and consumers to conduct e-commerce on a secure and convenient platform.


About World

WORLD is a unique platform that combines the best tokenomics of frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards with the additional benefits of staking in our upcoming marketplace.


Learn more about World


How OneLedger will help World Token.


      • Giving full instructions and supports on how to mint NFTs for World’s digital providers
      • Giving opportunities to be engaged with OneLedger’s social media and initiatives.
      • Full OneLedger protocol integration support.
      • Refers any NFTs providers to World token as a primary marketplace

How World token will help OneLedger.


      • World Token will give the new merchants or digital providers exclusive options to adopt Oneledger to mint their NFTs.
      • World Token will integrate on the OneLedger protocol when the bridger is built to deploy their marketplace.

More collaborations shortly between OneLedger and World Token are in the works and are open for discussion. In addition to this, both parties will work closely together behind-the-scenes leveraging on each other’s connections as both parties expand their reach in the crypto space.

Our partnership with World Token takes the OneLedger protocol a step closer to the project’s vision and goal of further establishing the leverage blockchain adoptions and development.