OneLedger & TokenSuite Commercial Announcement

Posted by OneLedger on Apr 21, 2022 8:40:09 PM



An active, global and engaged community is the most potent motivator for the broad acceptance of any crypto project. OneLedger Technology and MoonbaSwap Dex are delighted to announce that TokenSuite has now joined the project to help grow the greatest and largest crypto community for their robust ecosystem.

OneLedger is a distributed consensus protocol company creating a blockchain that will act as a bridge between enterprises and other chains. The Moonbaswap Dex is the validation of the OneLedger project, it embodies the core elements of blockchain interoperability,  robust security, unmatched transaction speed, and the lowest cost in the market.  

The pivot for these projects is now to enact a  global marketing strategy executed by an experienced team with a history of success with similar projects; the TokenSuite team, which specializes in building localized and global communities via attractive events and innovative programs, meets all these criteria. 

About TokenSuite

TokenSuite’s team offers a comprehensive blockchain marketing solution, allowing projects to focus on core business. TokenSuite specializes in community management, guerilla marketing, growth hacking campaigns, Influencer & KOL marketing, social media management, and PR services. With a large network of industry leaders, experienced developers, and marketers, TokenSuite is supporting projects to take their idea and product to the market in the most effective way.







About OneLedger

OneLedger’s ethos is as a distributed consensus protocol company creating a blockchain that will act as a bridge between enterprises and other chains. The platform is also a bona fide transactional storage platform through its compiling engine and chaincode run time. 


With the launch of the MoonbaSwap decentralized exchange Maninet on the OneLedger ecosystem, the team has proven that its platform is built for purpose in this now acutely interlinked world and that it works and works well under audits and stress tests. 









About MoonbaSwap 

MoonbaSwap is the future of Decentralised Exchanges, it allows for the swapping of multiple tokens without the use of an intermediary, while not compromising security or speed at extremely low fees. The OneLedger platform on which it is built is known for linking blockchains. With enhanced functions, the MoonbaSwap platform offers a high-value, low-cost, quick, and efficient service with arguably the simplest user interface in the industry. 

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