OneLedger becomes an IBM Business Partner to advance enterprise blockchain solutions

Posted by OneLedger on Apr 16, 2020 4:43:19 PM

OneLedger x  IBM


OneLedger, a Blockchain for Business, is proud to join IBM PartnerWorld. IBM is a global technology company that provides hardware, software, cloud-based services and cognitive computing.

IBM PartnerWorld is IBM's premiere partner program empowering Business Partners with the tools and resources to help transform clients into industry leaders.


IBM has an enormous network of companies currently using its platform and leveraging its resources. By joining this program, OneLedger aims to advance its current enterprise relationships by providing extensive blockchain solutions through IBM's platform. OneLedger now has the capability to test its client solutions against IBM criteria to ensure compatibility and integration with IBM technologies.

After launching the Mainnet, OneLedger will list its solution on IBM's Business Portal for other companies to reap the benefits of a full scale blockchain product.

"The reason for joining IBM PartnerWorld is not only to connect with a variety of businesses in the IBM ecosystem, but also be able to host and test the OneLedger Private networks on the IBM infrastructure and in the future, test Hyperledger to Hyperledger connectivity over OneLedger. Joining IBM PartnerWorld is only the first step in this direction." Said Aly Kassam, the Director of Product at OneLedger.


Our next step after Mainnet launch is to extend our cloud agnostic blockchain technology to IBM Cloud and other Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Alibaba Cloud. We are firm believers that enterprises will adopt blockchain technology if they are provided with easy-to-use solutions. There is an increasing need for blockchain technology in the supply chain, payments, real estate and other sectors to improve trust and offer more transparency.


Enterprises looking to implement blockchain solutions can contact us through our website. We are happy to help!