Meet George Connolly, the OneLedger President.

Posted by OneLedger on Jul 6, 2020 6:25:11 PM

George Connolly

The OneLedger team has onboarded a new President. Kindly welcome George Connolly. 

With over 20 years of Senior Management and Executive experience in Management, Operations, Strategy, Contract Negotiations, Marketing, and Retail, George will spearhead the OneLedger growth in public and enterprise arena. As we move towards the launch of Kratos, our team is focussing on creating a sales channel and establishing business relationships with various organizations worldwide. George will play a key role in establishing these relationships and driving the company vision and expansion.

On his first day working as the OneLedger President, we asked him a few questions to introduce himself to the community.


Q) What makes you interested in blockchain?

The integrity it brings to financial transactions will change the corruption cycles across the globe. The speed and decentralization it brings to those transactions will promote faster, less expensive transactions that will result in developing markets closing the gap on already developed markets relative to global financial functionality. The inevitable reduction in fiat currency will bring more transparency, security and equity between global economies. This will all augur well for global business.


Q) Why did you join OneLedger?

A few years ago, I was selling software solutions to the financial and security industries. AML/KYC has always been at the forefront of a slow, expensive and centralized system that is still fraught with mistrust. We started looking at PKI and e-Citizen ID's to solve some of the problems. API's to manage the transactions and provide the assurance that was severely needed. Nothing delivered a comprehensive solution until the blockchain immutable ledger system of audit compliance was introduced. Ethereum EVM and Hyperledger's smart contract solution was groundbreaking and showed great promise. It was at that time that it was obvious that blockchain was the future. To date, we are still working on adoption and education, but now is the time for this evolution. The progress OneLedger has made with its unique adapter that makes it an agnostic tool is a game-changer with its relative ease of use (BaaS/PaaS) and acceptance. This is what excites me about OneLedger, and I am thrilled to join this team and embark on a game-changing mission.


Q) What are your plans for OneLedger as a company moving forward?

The future I see for OneLedger is one where it will be offering a complete blockchain solution to global markets. From identity management for individuals and companies with national digital wallets covering all AML/KYC protocols to supply chain and integrated financial systems, integrated medical records, cadastre systems, tax and central government modalities - all underpinned by the users choice of cryptocurrency.


Ledgerians, do you have more questions for George?

Feel free to ask him during the Telegram AMA on Thursday at 11am ET.


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