OneLedger Monthly Meetup Event: AI in the Enterprise — OneLedger and LoyaltyOne

Posted by OneLedger on Jun 29, 2018 3:33:00 PM



On 27 June 2018, we held our monthly meetup event in LoyaltyOne. Davidand Paul from OneLedger presented a talk titled “Integrating AI andBlockchain in the Enterprise” and Santhosh from LoyaltyOne presented a talk titled “AirMiles Price Recommendation Engine.” Kudos to Sofiane and Borisfor highlighting initiatives by the Strategic Leadership Forum to our attendees during the open mic.

We had the pleasure of presenting a speech: “The Convergence of AI and Blockchain.” Below is a summary of the discussion.


David: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is David, I am the Founder of OneLedger, and this is Paulour Senior Blockchain Engineer. Thank you very much indeed for coming today to our OneLedger presentation that will describe our blockchain project. OneLedger is a universal protocol for enabling cross-ledger access and business modularization. We are here to introduce our project and team, moreover, to discuss the “Convergence of AI and Blockchain using OneLedger Technology.”


Paul: OneLedger technology covers four highlights:

  • Protocol-based Blockchain Communication.All transaction data and real source-records are written into distributed nodes by validation mechanisms of data sharing through the OneLedger protocol, which enables communication and access across blockchains, and allows for deployment and extendability across various blockchain networks.
  • Multi-chain Support.Focuses on providing a consistent runtime which is compatible with various blockchain protocols and application development stacks
  • Business Modularization.OneLedger forms a realizable and verifiable blockchain network, which is modularized from real-world functionality based on the sharing and immunity mechanisms provided by blockchain techniques.
  • SDK & API.Allows developers to quickly and easily gain access to decentralized -systems from centralized systems.


David: From small businesses to enterprise companies, OneLedger’s mission is to simplify business adoption of blockchain technology and its integration with their internal business applications and products. Through OneLedger, both businesses and individuals can leverage the platform to create both public and private blockchains with their own uniquely-identified network consensus.


Why a decentralized intelligence may affect our future?

David: How AI can change Blockchain?

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency
  • Energy consumption

Each affects us on many levels, where Energy consumption has the largest impact. Privacy is the most important issue. It can help on each level.


Paul: How Blockchain can change AI?

We also think about what impact the blockchain can have on the development of AI.

  • Access to immutable data
  • Provides easy access to AI functionality
  • Enhanced monitoring of AIs
  • Sandbox AIs


David: There are many blockchain and cryptocurrencies startups out there. We are working at the intersection of AI and blockchain. It can be quite difficult for modern businesses to fully integrate blockchain technologies with their legacy systems. The difficulties include: setting up the different types of software, connecting it to other systems, and ensuring that it operates reliably. OneLedger makes this easy by acting as a gateway to decentralized systems. OneLedger also allows businesses to easily create modules.


This meetup event was a great opportunity to gain insight into OneLedger. Moreover, it was an event to foster interest in blockchain technologies and AI. In the future, we would like to contribute to the growing ecosystem in Toronto surrounding blockchain research and initiate Meetups, build connections and host events.