Recap of the Toronto Blockchain Week

Posted by Sahir Parmar on May 1, 2019 12:00:00 PM



The week of April 22, 2019, will go down in history as the first ever blockchain week in Toronto.

The vibrant city of Toronto and the neighbouring cities joined hands to increase blockchain awareness in this fast developing tech hub. This week was filled with many events focussing on different aspects of blockchain technology. Thought leaders from all around the world were present in Canada’s tech hub to join the movement. Many blockchain companies were seen promoting their technology, and the communities left no stone unturned in vouching for their favourite projects. This week demonstrated the true strength of Toronto when it comes to standing up for the blockchain initiatives.

With such an exciting week taking place, OneLedger was surely not going to miss it.

OneLedger at the Toronto Blockchain Week

Our team co-hosted a meetup with Polymath, CryptoChicks, DigitalBits and Untraceable on the first day of the blockchain week. This meetup was a social networking event for attendees to collaborate and learn more about the projects involved.




The community actively participated in creating awareness for OneLedger on social media.



Apart from our meetup, our team was present at many other events throughout the week to research and network with other like-minded projects.



At the end of the week, the OneLedger Co-Founder and Managing Director, Edwin Zhang, was invited to the Community Roundtable at BlockHack Toronto. Several discussions took place regarding building strong communities and how the success of any project is directly related to the strength of its community.



A huge shoutout to everyone who participated and helped during the Toronto Blockchain Week. Cheers Toronto!!