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Hello Ledgerians

February, 4 2021 in TECH, GENERAL, ALL
Development Update


December, 26 2020 in TECH, NEWSLETTER, GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger launches its International Health Passport for global markets

After more than four months of beta testing with partners at Windsor-Essex Economic...

September, 18 2020 in TECH, GENERAL
Development Update


August, 31 2020 in TECH, ALL
Kratos is now live.

  What has long been in the making has finally arrived. Years of hard work, dedication...

August, 4 2020 in TECH, ALL
Validator Staking (Chronos Testnet) & Rewards

Another day, another milestone achieved. This time we have launched the Validator Staking...

August, 4 2020 in TECH, ALL
Chronos Tutorial - Validator Staking

This tutorial will provide key information about becoming a Validator on the Chronos...

August, 4 2020 in TECH, ALL
Chronos Tutorial - How to get OLT To Stake

Pre-requisites Have a full node running (Please check “Chronos Tutorial - Running A...

August, 4 2020 in TECH, ALL
Chronos Tutorial - Running A Fullnode

There are 3 ways to set up OneLedger Chronos Full Node: GCP Marketplace Image Docker...

July, 23 2020 in TECH, ALL
Development Update

  Hello Ledgerians,   This Development Update consists of Release Notes from Sprint...

July, 13 2020 in TECH, GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger in DeFi

Overview As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become a hot topic, there have been...

June, 11 2020 in TECH, ALL
Kratos Launch Plan

  Hello Ledgerians, The clock is ticking. Things are moving in the right direction....