August, 4 2020 in TECH, ALL
Chronos Tutorial - Running A Fullnode

There are 3 ways to set up OneLedger Chronos Full Node: GCP Marketplace Image ...

July, 29 2020 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger - A Game Changer!!

  The blockchain journey started back in 2009 with the creation of the first...

July, 23 2020 in TECH, ALL
Development Update

  Hello Ledgerians,   This Development Update consists of Release Notes from...

July, 15 2020 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger 与去中心化金融 (Chinese version)

概述 随着去中心化金融 (DeFi) 成为一个热门话题,OneLedger 的产品与这个新定义的 DeFi 领域之间的关系也备受关注。

July, 6 2020 in TEAM, ALL
Meet George Connolly, the OneLedger President.

The OneLedger team has onboarded a new President. Kindly welcome George Connolly. 

June, 24 2020 in GENERAL, ALL
Register Subdomain and get $ETH

    Hello Ledgerians, For those of you who have been holding tight onto your...

June, 11 2020 in TECH, ALL
Kratos Launch Plan

  Hello Ledgerians, The clock is ticking. Things are moving in the right direction....

June, 9 2020 in TECH, ALL
OneWallet v2.2 Update

  Hello Ledgerians,   The OneWallet has now been updated. Please update the...

June, 9 2020 in GENERAL, ALL
.ol Domain Contest

  Hello Ledgerians,   Are you familiar with the OneLedger Naming Service (ONS)? ...

May, 31 2020 in TECH, ALL
Development Update

  In this sprint, we concentrated on completing all the Protocol Security Audit Bugs...

May, 11 2020 in TECH, ALL
OneWallet is now Live.

    Hello Ledgerians,   The moment you were waiting for is finally here. The OneLedger...

May, 8 2020 in GENERAL, ALL
Token Swap FAQ

  Hello Ledgerians,We want to provide you with an update for the Token Swap. We have...