September, 26 2023 in PARTNERSHIPS, ALL
OneLedger and Sentrix Partnership AMA RECAP

We are happy to share a text-based AMA with Akbar Ahmed, CEO of Sentrix. AMA was divided...

September, 7 2023 in TECH, PARTNERSHIPS, ALL
OneLedger Technology Inc. partners with Sentrix to fortify the security of blockchain technology

Barbados, Sept 7, 2023. In a groundbreaking collaboration, OneLedger Technology Inc. and...

May, 26 2023 in PARTNERSHIPS, ALL
OneLedger and TraceX Partnership AMA RECAP

We were excited to hold this AMA session with our partners from TraceX in our Telegram...

OneLedger Tecnhology Inc. partners with TraceX to offer blockchain traceability in the agri value chain

Barbados, May 18, 2023. OneLedger Technology Inc. and TraceX have partnered to work...

January, 21 2022 in TECH, EVENTS, GENERAL, ALL
$2 million Ecosystem Development Fund to Build the Future of Blockchain

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new $2 million Ecosystem Development...

November, 15 2021 in GENERAL, ALL
We are now LIVE on Uniswap!

November, 12 2021 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger AMA recap and 2022 Roadmap

We continue on our journey to build out the structure of our OneSwap project.

November, 8 2021 in TECH, GENERAL, ALL
Syndicate Bridge is live on Mainnet