February, 1 2022 in TECH, TEAM, GENERAL
OneLedger 2022 Roadmap

For the OneLedger ecosystem, 2021 was the year of direction. Since we launched in 2018,...

January, 21 2022 in TECH, EVENTS, GENERAL, ALL
$2 million Ecosystem Development Fund to Build the Future of Blockchain

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new $2 million Ecosystem Development...

December, 23 2021 in TECH, GENERAL
OLT Launches on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


November, 15 2021 in GENERAL, ALL
We are now LIVE on Uniswap!

November, 12 2021 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger AMA recap and 2022 Roadmap

We continue on our journey to build out the structure of our OneSwap project. 

November, 8 2021 in TECH, GENERAL, ALL
Syndicate Bridge is live on Mainnet


October, 22 2021 in TECH, GENERAL, ALL
Expanding OneLedger protocol, validation update

October, 20 2021 in TECH, GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger Mainnet Explorer walk through

Hello Ledgerians,